My Damn Vinyl2.2

because discogs is fugly not that pretty

my damn release notes

november 24, 2022
  • It happened. Moved to Antagonist.
  • Up next: cleaning up this mess.
february 20, 2021
  • Added White Marble color
  • Added Black & Red color
  • .. moving color defs into colors.css — best idea ever
december 22, 2020
  • Fixed value and label bug with filters with spaces
  • Extended dark mode css for filters
  • Thought the amount of recent fixes justified a version change to 2.2. BOOM!

december 21, 2020
  • Changed filters from dropdown menus to <select> elements
  • Added light mode css for filters
  • Added add-later.css for quick fixes
december 20, 2020
  • Added filter buttons with dark mode css
  • Added last addition highlight
  • Split album total & last added record date to make some fucking sense
december 19, 2020

Major Fix Deluxe calls for duty!


  • Added page support
  • Added release notes page (mind blown)
  • Created custom release notes block
  • Extended dark mode to pages
  • Added body_class(); function to body, modified to add class dark at nighttime
  • Added header margin for body.logged-in
  • Modified sorting meta to order results by artist and album


  • Cleaned up .scss files
  • CSS for vinyl colors moved to color.css, to simplify adding new colors
  • Added colors Black Smoke, Purple & Dark Green
  • Changed footer text
december 2, 2020
  • Collection value cronjob changed from daily to weekly

Some day in 2020